Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Those Weird Tan “Spiders” Might Actually Be Camel Crickets

Have you noticed some strange, spider-like, tan creatures crawling about your basement? Did they come inside when the weather started to turn cold? In spite of their long legs and spider-like appearance, the bugs you're noticing are probably not actually spiders. Rather, they are a unique species of cricket called the camel cricket. Here's what you need to know about this home-invading species. Camel crickets are silent. Many homeowners do not realize they have crickets because this particular variety does not chirp. Read More 

Are Empty Beehives A Risk?

After a swarm of bees either clears out of a hive or is removed, you may end up with a piece of the hive still attached to the tree or building. When the insects are gone, the empty hive structure may seem harmless, but in some cases it's best to remove the entire structure. It's also essential that you don't try to remove the structure yourself in case you get a nasty surprise. Read More 

Preventing Rats From Infesting Your Home: What You Can Do

Rats are rodents that you don't want living in your home with you. They can carry diseases and are an invitation for other pests to come into your home. These pests can also mate and multiply and before you know it, you'll have quite a few of these rodents in your walls, ceiling, basement, and all over your home. When you have an infestation such as this, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Read More 

Are You Building Your Wife A She-Shed? 3 Tips To Keep Spiders From Destroying Her Vision Of A Backyard Getaway

Now that your man cave is complete, your wife has been eager to have her very own space where she can relax in total peace. Whether your wife looks forward to filling her backyard getaway with books or crafting supplies, the last thing she wants is to discover spiders invading her personal territory. As you get to the final stages of the building process, be sure to implement these spider pest control measures so that an unsightly arachnid never surprises your wife. Read More 

The Rodent Extermination Game That Pits Good Against Bad

Something smallish, dark, and furry scurries past you in the kitchen in the early morning light. You shriek in alarm, but is it really something to be worried about? There are actually some rodents, and some creatures confused for rodents, that are not really pests at all. Granted, you do not want any critters in your home, but rodent control could be eliminating some helpful ones along with the ones you do not want. Read More 

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

My father has been a pastor for the same evangelical church in my hometown for the past twenty-nine years. I was only seven years old when my dad began working at this small country church. Over the years, I’ve become quite close to many of the parishioners at this place of worship. Some of these precious people feel like family too me. A couple of years ago, one of the ladies at the church discovered that her home was infested with termites. After consulting with a pest control specialist, she decided to have this individual tent her home in order to rid it of the pesky termites that were slowly destroying it. Now, she has a safe, termite free place to live. On this blog, you will discover the most technologically advanced ways to eliminate termites from your home.