Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Those Weird Tan "Spiders" Might Actually Be Camel Crickets

Have you noticed some strange, spider-like, tan creatures crawling about your basement? Did they come inside when the weather started to turn cold? In spite of their long legs and spider-like appearance, the bugs you're noticing are probably not actually spiders. Rather, they are a unique species of cricket called the camel cricket. Here's what you need to know about this home-invading species.

Camel crickets are silent.

Many homeowners do not realize they have crickets because this particular variety does not chirp. They are silent, unlike the more common house and field crickets. There are nearly 100 species of crickets in the world, and this is one of a few types that are mute. 

Camel crickets are not dangerous.

You can take a deep breath and relax. These are not dangerous bugs. They're not poisonous or venomous, and they do not bite humans or spread any type of infection. The worst thing they will do is leaves stains all over your home—perhaps on the carpet, drapes, or your clothing. These stains are caused by their feces and perspiration. 

Camel crickets love moist, dark spaces.

The reason they congregate in your basement is because it is dark and moist. So to get rid of camera crickets, you need to make the basement less appealing. Dry up any moisture, and eliminate any sources of leaks, like dripping pipes or cracks in the foundation. Consider installing a dehumidifier to remove the inherent moisture that seems to seep into every basement. Then, get rid of the darkness. Turn on a few lamps, or simply leave the overhead lights on for a few days. Check back to see if there are any more crickets.

Camel crickets wander inside when your outdoor area is appealing, too.

Often, when camel crickets enter your home, it's because they are congregating outside first. They love to hide in overgrown shrubs and piles of leaves. Not surprisingly, this debris tends to build up along the edge of your home and along the fence line. So, when crickets appear here, they don't have to travel far to get into your actual home. Tidy up the outside, and you will have fewer pests inside.

If you are not able to get camel crickets out of your home, contact a company that offers pest control services. These insects are quite sensitive to pesticides, so a simple application or two should send them headed away from your home. 

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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