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Should You Call Pest Control If A Squirrel Invades Your Attic?

Unlike many common household pests, squirrels seem relatively benign. Since squirrels are relatively territorial, they often don't invade in large numbers. Unlike mice, a single squirrel that invades your attic may not represent a larger problem. In many cases, that one squirrel may be the only animal in your home.

However, this seemingly minor infestation can hide larger potential issues. If you know that a squirrel is living in your attic or entering it frequently, here are three reasons why you may want to call a professional pest control service even if they don't seem to be causing any damage yet.

1. Squirrels Can Cause Substantial Home Damage

Squirrels, like many rodents, love to chew. Squirrels chew for many reasons, including their endlessly growing teeth and their need to collect nesting materials. These seemingly simple animals are anything but, and their behaviors can be complex and interesting. That is, of course, until those behaviors intrude on your home.

Chewing behavior in your attic can damage structural members, ruin insulation, and even create fires if the squirrel can locate exposed wiring. While squirrels are often noisy as they run around, you won't necessarily hear their chewing or know that you have a problem. In other words, it's a safe bet that a squirrel in your attic will find things to chew, even if you can't find any evidence of damage.

2. Leaving Squirrels Can Be Inhumane

One of the primary reasons that squirrels enter your home during the winter is for warmth. Nobody likes to be cold, and squirrels will look for a warm place to bed down. Unfortunately, they may also be looking for a warm and cozy place to have children. Baby squirrels (called kits) are adorable and depend heavily on their mother for several months.

Waiting too long to deal with a squirrel problem can potentially mean allowing a squirrel to have a brood in your home. Removing the mother, a step necessary to protect your home and health, often means the kits will not survive. Dealing with a squirrel problem sooner rather than later is the most humane option since it means the squirrel is unlikely to birth a litter in your home.

3. Squirrel Entry Points to Larger Problems

Squirrels can't teleport into your home, which means the presence of a squirrel in your attic means there's a tempting entry point. This entry point will allow other critters to find their way in, and the squirrel may chew and gnaw at the gap to make it even larger. This behavior can cause substantial damage and allow much larger and more destructive pests to gain entry.

A professional pest control service will remove the squirrel, look for potential entry points, and offer solutions to close these gaps. This approach is the best way to protect your home and the most humane option. By stopping future critters from gaining entry, you'll protect your home and family while removing the need to harm any future animals entering your house. 

For more info about pest control, contact a local company. 

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