Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Ants: Nagging Nuisance Or Professional Problem?

It's hard to deny that it's an ant's world, and we're just living in it. These tiny critters make up a mind-boggling amount of the planet's biomass, and you can find them nearly everywhere. Fortunately, ants and humans often cohabitate just fine, and ants in your yard or garden are rarely an issue requiring serious attention. 

Of course, the situation is different when these creepy crawlies invade your home. No home is immune to a few ants here or there, but when do these industrious insects go from a minor nuisance to a problem requiring professional attention? The answer may require a little detective work.

Evaluating Frequency, Speed, and Location

Ants can locate food from a relatively large distance, so food left out on the counter or unsealed can attract ants from outside. Ants also tend to explore, so a few scouts entering your home is often inevitable. In other words, seeing an ant now and then doesn't necessarily mean that you have an infestation requiring a professional.

Instead, pay attention to three factors: frequency, speed, and location. These questions will help you narrow down these factors and figure out the severity of the infestation:

  • How frequently do you notice ants marching through your home?
  • How quickly do ants begin to swarm food left out on a counter or in other locations?
  • Do you often notice ants in unusual locations where there's no food nearby?

You likely have a more severe problem if you can't leave food out for a short while without noticing some ants or if ants quickly arrive anytime there's a sweet treat. Ants in strange locations can also be a warning sign since colonies won't always form close to your kitchen or in other areas nearby food. These distantly marching ants might be close to a colony or an entry point into your home.

Knowing When to Take Action

Always remove the ants you find (using traits or other pest control methods if necessary) and clean up any food sources. These actions will help mitigate the problem, even if they won't necessarily solve a major infestation. Wait a short while and see if the problem resolves. If keeping things clean, tidy, and sealed doesn't cause the ants to move on to greener pastures, it's time to call in a professional.

Professionals can bring stronger repellants, poisons, and the knowledge and expertise necessary to locate colonies and entry points. This expert approach doesn't just focus on eliminating food sources but dealing with ants at their source. By attacking the ants at their bases and beachheads, a professional pest control service will allow you to win the war instead of fighting endless battles over anthills.

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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