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Get Pest Control Help When You Have Sod Webworms Before The Worms Destroy Your Lawn

Sod webworms can destroy your lawn by eating the grass and leaving brown patches behind. They are a common lawn pest, and they are fairly easy to kill, but you need to have pesticide applied, and the sooner the better. Here's when to suspect your lawn has sod webworms and how a pest control company helps you get rid of them so your yard can come back to life.

How The Pests Damage Your Lawn

Sod webworms are the larva stage of common lawn moths. The moths don't eat your grass, so they're not harmful. However, the moths lay eggs that turn into destructive larvae. The worms chew on grass blades, so patches where the worms are active tend to be shorter than your unaffected grass. Plus, the area will usually turn brown and leave ugly patches in your lawn.

Tiny larvae are difficult to see, but once the worms are larger, you can easily see them if you peer into the brown patch on your grass. If you see worms in the patch or notice moths flying around the grass in the evening, call a pest control company for help. They will determine the type of pest you have and recommend a way to eliminate the worms.

How Sod Webworms Are Eliminated

The worms are killed by common pesticides. The pest control company will spray your yard and distribute the pesticide evenly in the area where the webworms are active. The pesticide kills on contact, but it may not have much of a residual effect on the worms depending on the stage of the life cycle they are in. Your pest control company will probably apply at least two treatments to ensure all of the worms have been killed.

If your yard has a bad infestation of sod webworms, you may need a large portion of your yard treated, and that's why hiring a professional is important. If you only see a single patch where the worms are active, you might consider DIY treatments. Just be sure to buy lawn pesticide that states on the label it will kill sod webworms and follow the instructions for using the product so you can kill all the worms as they go through the life cycle of egg to moth.

When Treatments Should Be Applied

You should treat your lawn for webworms when you first notice signs of an infestation. This could be in the spring or early summer. The infestation will probably get worse as summer goes on if you don't have pesticide applied. By the end of summer, your lawn may be covered in brown patches due to the worms. Catching the problem early and having pest control treatments helps your yard stay lush and green throughout the summer.

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