Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Keeping Cutworms From Destroying Your Garden Vegetables

If you are new at gardening, you are most likely concerned about the growth of vegetables and/or fruits that you decide to plant. A part of gardening is dealing with the many different types of insects that can cause damage to your plants. Cutworms are especially deadly to vegetables and require a bit of work to keep them from becoming problematic.

Know What Cutworms Look Like

It is important to be able to identify cutworms so you know how to deal with them if they do invade your garden. Cutworms are not actually worms, but caterpillars. They resemble gypsy moths in the caterpillar stage. They do, however, have several species, and they are an array of colors including pink, green, brown, black, and tan. They may have small bumps on their bodies and do not have many hairs, but instead are smooth in appearance. They are usually a few inches long and will curl into a letter C shape if they feel threatened.

Know Where To Find Cutworms

Cutworms will go after several types of vegetables, making them one of the harshest garden pests to deal with. They enjoy eating vegetable plants like peas, peppers, lettuce, cabbage, corn, beans, and asparagus. These pests are called cutworms because they cut the stem of the plant. They hide in the soil during the daytime hours and will come out when night falls. They gnaw upon the stems, causing the entire plant to be destroyed if they eat their way completely through them. They have also been known to climb plants and go after flower buds and leaves. You will not see cutworms unless you part the soil with your hands and look for them, or if you go to your garden during the nighttime hours to check on your plants' conditions.

Eliminating Cutworms When They Are Found

If you discover cutworms in your garden, or if you suspect they are present because you are finding plants that have fallen over because they were altered along the stems, you need to take action in removing pests as soon as possible. Make it a priority to check on your garden vegetables nightly to see if cutworms are indeed the culprits if you are experiencing plant loss. If you know cutworms are there because you have seen them, they can be removed from plants by hand. Check the undersides of leaves and around vegetables in addition to the stems. If cutworms are excessive, and you cannot keep up with physical removal of them, contact a pest control service for assistance.

For more information, contact pest control companies in your area.

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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