Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Live Near A Lake And Geese Getting On Your Property? 2 Tips To Get Then Away

Geese may be fun to look at when you first see them, but you will quickly notice they cause a lot of problems. Mainly, they eat vegetation, which can affect the gardens you have planted on your property. Also, you will find their droppings everywhere and will step on them. Some geese are not afraid of people and will not even try to run away if they see you, which can make it harder to get them away. In most cases, you cannot kill geese unless you get permission first. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the geese leave, two of which are listed below.

Install a Barrier

If you watch geese, they will walk from the water onto your property and then back to the water again. Because of this, install a barrier between your home and the water. Installing a fence would work well. You can choose nylon, plastic, mesh, or wire netting.  There are also fences made for this purpose. The fencing should be three to four feet high. 

Depending on the type of geese you have, most will not be able to fly over a fence. When installing the fence, it must be long enough so the geese cannot get around it and onto your property. You could also fence in your yard, if you prefer, using the same type of fencing. 

If you do not want to install fencing a hedge barrier also works well making sure it is tall enough. The hedging must be planted close together so there are no gaps for the geese to get through. 

Use a Decoy

One animal that scares geese is the coyote as they will kill them. Because of this, purchase a coyote decoy to place on your property. Just seeing this will likely make the geese turn around and leave. Purchase more than one or move the one around periodically on your lawn. 

Along with the decoy also purchase an audio deterrent. These deterrents make coyote sounds, as well as other geese predatory animal sounds. You can place a deterrent near the coyote as well as other areas. You can find these deterrents online and they either plug in or are solar-powered. Using a decoy and audio deterrent works great as it covers a large area of your yard.

For more information on geese control and how to keep them out of your yard, contact a company near you.

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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