Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Have An Animal In Your Attic? How To Remove It

Have you discovered that a squirrel or raccoon has made its way into your attic? If so, you may be wondering how you are going to get this pest out of your home for good. Here are a few methods that are used to get an animal out of your attic.

One Way Doors

If you are looking for a humane way to get an animal out of your attic, the best solution is with a one-way door. The way this works is by identifying the part of your home where the animal is getting in. A one-way door is then placed over the hole so that animals can get out through the hole and can't get back in. Once it is confirmed that there is no longer an animal in your attic, the hole can be patched and the animal will move on to find a new home. 

If there are multiple entry points into your home, all of them will need to be sealed except for the one with the trap door. If not, then this method will not work and the animals will still find a way in and out. 


Another option is to set a trap in your attic. This may be necessary if the animal has made its nest and is not coming out through the one-way door, or the mother has left through a one-way door, and there are babies that remain. A live trap will be placed in the attic, and you'll wait for the animal to be lured into it with food. The trap can then be removed from your attic, and the animal can be released back into the wild. You can then patch up the entry point once you know that all the animals are gone.

You also have the option to use a kill trap. As the name implies, it will ensure that the animal is dead so that you can remove it from your home without a fight. 

Eviction Fluids

There are also some animals that you're able to drive out of your attic using eviction fluid. It is a special concoction that works on female raccoons, and you simply pour it on a cloth and place it in your attic. It releases a scent that makes the mother raccoon want to flee the attic for safety and will hopefully be an easy way to clear out your home of any pests. 

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