Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Signs Rodent Control Is Necessary At Your Mechanic Shop

Where you least expect to find rodents, you can still find those pests in the area. This means that your mechanic shop is not off-limits when it comes to keeping rodents at bay. Basically, if there's food, shelter, and water available, a rat or other rodent will find a way to make themselves comfortable.

You can have rodent control done on your property if you think your mechanic shop may have been affected. Here are signs there is a rodent infestation at your mechanic shop that you should have your pest control specialist check out.

You smell something musty in the shop

Your mechanic shop will carry some odors of a typical shop, such as rubber, oil, and cleaning solutions, but it should not carry a musty, almost urine-soaked stench. If it does, especially in areas where it looks like rodents have been nesting or getting in and out of your shop, then it's time to call a pest control specialist to have them check out your shop to see if rodents are living in there.

You see signs of feces around your shop or waiting areas

Anywhere there is a water or food source, rats and mice can be known to hang out. If you see long feces behind microwaves, machinery, or on the inside of walls, then you might have a rat problem. Smaller feces that are less tubular in design can indicate a mouse problem. Either way, rodent control needs to be called, because both mice and rats can pose a health risk and can also frighten customers.

If a rat or mouse were to get in a vehicle's engine or in the undercarriage of a vehicle you're working on, another problem could arise. Since it's hard to identify just where a rat problem is coming from and a rodent control service knows best how to handle your situation, it's best to have this type of situation handled rapidly and professionally.

You have customer complaints in your shop

If a single customer complains that they have seen a mouse or other rodent in your shop, then odds are, there are multiples of them, and you want to get your rodent issues under control. Calling a rodent control specialist as soon as you see a problem tells your customers you take their concerns seriously while helping to maintain your mechanic shop's reputation at the same time. You'll get a quote for services before your rodent control specialist arrives.

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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