Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Signs Your Rental House Needs Pest Control Services

Do you have a rental house that you think pest control services are needed for? When you have people in and out of your rental house, you may be more at risk of having pests enter your home at a more rapid rate as well. You should have your home treated for pests between tenants or even when you have people actively living there, especially if you feel you have a current infestation of any kind going on. Here are signs your rental house needs pest control services.

Your tenants are complaining of pest feces

Are your tenants bringing mouse dropping sightings to your attention? Are they actively finding bug feces or black spots on the walls or ceilings of the rental property you have? Are your tenants letting you know that the rental home has a musty smell or smells of cat or other pest feces and they don't have any animals that can be causing the odors? Pay attention to these signs and get a pest control specialist over to the rental property as soon as you can.

Your tenants are complaining of random damages

Have your tenants reported broken screens on windows, scratches on the floors, sawdust near the walls, or strange new holes in the floors, walls, or ceilings to you? If they have also reported signs of animal or insect nests and other damages to the home — including issues with the yard — then you should call a pest control specialist to inspect the area. Even if there are no active pests in the area, your pest control specialist will want to inspect the entire area to make sure the area is really clear of rodents or other pests.

Your tenants are complaining of strange sightings

Are your tenants suddenly complaining about strange sightings, such as garbage cans being tipped over, insect wings or body parts being left on the back or front porches, bits of hair being found near the stove or fridge? Signs of animals that are getting in and out of the house can be a sign that there are mice or other pests taking over your rental property, particularly if your pest control issues sound similar to issues you have had with your rental house in the past.

Since taking care of pest issues in your rental home is something you'll have to stay on top of, it's wise to have your pest control specialist inspect your rental property several times a year to make sure everything is OK and sound. Your pest control specialist will let you know what needs to be done to keep your home in sound condition and your tenants free of rodents and insects. 

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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