Eliminating Termites from Your Home

3 Tips To Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Workplace

Having to deal with pests like rodents or random bugs can be a real pain, especially if it happens in your office building or workplace. Instead of worrying about your daily tasks, you'll be constantly keeping an eye out for any unwanted intruders. If you want to ensure that you keep unwanted pests outside where they belong, here are a few tips that might help.

Set Up a Dishwasher in the Break Room

Many kinds of pests love digging into the leftovers in the company kitchen or break room. If you or your employees frequently leave a dirty plate or two sitting around in the sink, you might be attracting some unwanted visitors. If you want to encourage a cleaner workplace, consider installing a dishwasher or two throughout your building. If you can't afford to do that or it's just not practical, the least you could do is set up each break room sink with some dish soap and a scrubber. Make it a point to call out employees who don't wash their own dishes after lunch or taking a break.

Set Up Garbage Duty or Hire Help

While the break room sink can be a known place for food debris to pile up, it's possible the same could happen within garbage cans throughout your facility. If your building's trash cans see a lot of use but you only round up all the trash once every week or so, that could be a lot of time for those pest-attracting garbage-like smells to linger in your building. Consider setting up a garbage detail if you have a smaller business. If you have, say, five employees, each employee is responsible for garbage duty on one day each week. If that seems like too much of a hassle or you have a much larger company, consider bringing in an outside company to gather the trash for you on a more frequent basis.

Do a Little Trimming

Plants are a favorite hiding spot for pests, both inside and outside your building. If you have potted plants in your lobby or on different desks, inspect them closely every time you water them. As for outside, make sure all trees, bushes and other vegetation is properly trimmed so you root out trouble quickly if needed.

If your building has a pest problem, encourage your employees to be smarter about how they dispose of their unwanted food and trash and keep a close eye on your landscaping. If you can't get the problem to go away, contact a local pest control company like Affordable Pest Control for help.

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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