Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Using Ant Baits: What Not To Do

Anyone dealing with an ant infestation knows how annoying they can be and how difficult to control they can be. Slow-acting ant poison baits make the job of controlling the ants, at least until a pest control company can come out, a lot easier. However, if you're not used to using the baits, they can seem baffling and not very effective. Once you've placed the baits according to the package instructions, it's time to wait -- and avoid doing certain things:

Don't Disturb the Lines

Disturbing a line of ants is one of the worst things you can do if you're trying to control them. Ants follow a chemical trail leading from the nest to the target, and if something interrupts the trail -- your shoe, a dropped bait, and so on -- the ants between the target and the obstacle will scatter. What that means is that ants will cover a larger area, and it may take longer for the ants to fall back in line, if you interrupted a trail leading to a bait.

Don't Get Impatient With the Baits

Baits can take a few days to work under normal circumstances. They contain a slow-acting poison that does not kill the ant right away. Instead, the ant brings a sample back to the nest and feed other ants. So you may not see improvement for a short time. For severe infestations, it could take a lot longer just because of the sheer number of ants. Give the baits a good week or so, if you're unable to get a pest control company out to your home before then.

Never Assume

Never assume the ants are coming in for one reason or another unless you have pretty solid proof. For example, it's easy to assume ants are coming inside because of the heat a search for water, or even to avid water if the nest was flooded. However, just because the ants in one part of your home don't seem to be aiming for anything in particular does not mean that they came in for a general reason. The ones you see could be an offshoot of the main group. Search your home and garage to see if there is food or another item that is attracting them. If you find anything, get rid of it.

Always Wash Your Hands

Most ant baits are meant to be handled by humans, and the bait usually stays well-contained. However, never assume that there weren't traces of ant poison on the outside of the baits. Always wash your hands after handling baits, even for a short time.

If the baits aren't working, call a pest control company like Bugman Pest Elimination. The workers will inspect your home and yard and try to identify where the ants are coming from. With a combination of those baits and timely pest control service, you should be able to stop those bugs quickly.

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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