Eliminating Termites from Your Home

Better Mouse Control Through Exclusion And Removal

Mice in the house are not welcome unless they're pet store mice in a cage. Chances are, though, you have the wild type of house mouse to deal with, and they can be sneaky. These mice are just looking for shelter and food, but as noble as those pursuits are, they are not ones you want happening in your kitchen for the mouse population. Many people resort to traps and baits, but those are only temporary solutions. Exclusion and professional removal have a much better chance of succeeding.

Mouse Exclusion Keeps out Other Pests

An important side effect of mouse exclusion is that other pests stay out of your home, too. Mice can squeeze through tiny cracks, and if you don't seal those up, other pests like roaches can get in during warmer weather, not to mention additional mice families in future years. Exclusion requires sealing up entrances on the exterior of your house as well as the interior. So not only are you patching holes in the siding outside, you're stuffing steel wool into the openings around pipes under the sink, which act as entryways for pests. This can take some time, and you would benefit from calling a pest control service to help you out because their workers will know about places to look in that you might not have realized were an issue.

The Unseen Population

Another problem with traps and baits is that they take care of only one mouse, and there are generally entire nests hidden in the walls if you've seen one in your apartment or home. Once the entryways into the home have been sealed, you have to get the nest out of there, and a pest control service is going to know the least-damaging ways to do that.

Family and Pet Safety

When dealing with mice, you also have to take family and pet safety into account. Pets can be curious and get into glue traps and baits, or they can accidentally move (or steal, even) smaller traps like humane cube traps that attract live mice. Small children are a worry as well, especially with poison baits. While you might have no choice but to use a trap or two, overall, you need to exclude the mice for best results.

This can seem like a huge undertaking if you've never had to deal with mice before, or you're in a new home. Asking a pest control company, like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc, to take care of most of the work is best in these circumstances so that you don't end up chasing after more and more mice each year.

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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

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